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Enter the connected world of PIMS


a next generation integrated software solution for Smart City IoT applications

Control every Smart City device from one interface

The Public Infrastructure Management System (PIMS) enables dynamic, interactive and flexible control of a myriad of networked IoT devices that are installed within the urban infrastructure. PIMS enables management of multiple Smart City applications for example the control of public lighting, traffic lights, waste bins, air quality measurement equipment, sewer pump installations, and many other utilizations. It allows for central and real-time management of connected devices via a browser-based user interface.

A flexible and secure architecture

Since the Smart City evolution has really gathered pace now, PIMS is architected in such a way that new solutions can easily be integrated into the PIMS suite. This includes the use of any new networks for the communication with the devices, any new devices, or any integration with existing systems. And all of this by using leading security technology that is embedded throughout the entire solution.

Real-time management

PIMS is a perfect solution for local government to manage single or multiple Smart City solutions, thus offering services to their citizens like effective and environmental friendly public lighting – with less light where possible and more light where needed – or providing real-time control of traffic lights to ensure an efficient traffic flow throughout the city.

PIMS offers you a generic control framework for multiple IoT applications.

It gives you control of your urban infrastructure…
  • for a variety of services,
  • via a communication network of your choice,
  • with an infinite amount of different devices,
  • from a multitude of suppliers,
  • in a secure manner.

Partner AccessFlow B.V.

PIMS is offered by AccessFlow B.V. from the Netherlands and Navit is their local partner in South Africa. Navit offers PIMS licenses and additional customization and development services to suppliers of IoT devices, network providers, installation companies and Smart City technology companies.

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