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Balancing security with ease of use

Identity & Access Management

IAM is about balance

Today’s computer systems are used by a variety of users across many organizations and geographical areas and via different channels and devices. Organizations must make their information assets available to many users but simultaneously protect these against unauthorized access.

How to achieve the right balance for your organization? The answer lies within the discipline of Identity & Access Management.

By defining and implementing a strategic IAM architecture, an organization will be able to strike the balance between availability and protection and determine the appropriate level of access control for their business processes.

Our product agnostic approach enables us to assist clients during the development of a strategic IAM architecture and the definition of an IAM program roadmap for implementation thereof.


The consultants of Navit participated in many strategic IAM initiatives for customers in South Africa and Europe:

Navit has a long-term relationship with Sanlam and participated in multiple IAM initiatives.

Client Portal & IAM project: As part of their e-Business strategy, Sanlam initiated a Client Portal & IAM project. The portal provides electronic services via the web for individual and institutional clients and is a shared infrastructure for businesses of the Sanlam Group. The IAM services are implemented by making use of the IBM Identity Manager and Access Manager products.

Strategic IAM architecture: Navit was responsible for the development of a strategic IAM architecture for the Sanlam Group which consists of a conceptual and logical architecture. The initial focus was aimed at internal IAM for the workforce, however the focus expanded to external IAM since Sanlam required an IAM architecture that supports its business strategy for their clients and partners as well. The IAM architecture allows for shared IAM services across the Sanlam Group. The deliverables also included a migration strategy, a business case and a program roadmap.


Business Connexion (BCX) procured a license on Navit’s IAM Architecture Development Kit and contracted Navit exclusively to deliver consultancy services to their clients amongst which are major corporations within Southern Africa such as Nampak, AngloGold Ashanti, Shoprite, Vodacom, etc. Furthermore Navit cooperated with the BCX outsourcing division and undertook joint initiatives with IAM solution providers like Computer Associates, Microsoft and IBM.

BNP Paribas Fortis

The initial assignment for BNP Paribas Fortis concerned the development of the architecture, design and migration approach of the migration from a homegrown IAM system to a new IAM provisioning environment for 25,000 employees, based upon the product suite of Beta Systems.

This program, which was led by the Information Security & Risk Management department, consisted of the following projects:

  • User migration towards the new IAM environment based upon a new RBAC model.
  • Transformation of the security administrative model and organization.
  • Target System integration and migration.

Our consultants performed a broad range of activities and various roles within the program team, like lead architect, process design, project management and communication and alignment with business representatives, senior management and BNPP in Paris. The user migration, the transformation of the security organization and the target system integration and migration were completed successfully.

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) is a major bank in Italy and is part of the BNP Paribas Group. The initial assignment for our consultants concerned the development of the IAM architecture for access control for employees. Subsequently we provided guidance for the design and development of the solution which is based on the product suite of CA Technologies. The user migration of approximately 20,000 users was completed successfully.



IS4F – which is largely owned by IBM – provides IT management services to entities of the former Dexia Group like Belfius Bank, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Candriam, Dexia SA, and Royal Bank of Canada in Luxembourg. The various companies of the former group, including IS4F itself, needed to be segregated and migrated out of the a shared environment into their own dedicated IAM environments.

Our consultants participated in the team responsible for development of the IAM architectures, designs and migration strategies. The solutions for the various companies are based upon different IAM products from vendors like IBM, Evidian and Sailpoint.