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Welcome to Navit – your navigator in IT

Navit is an IT consulting and services company with expert offerings in Smart City IoT solutions and extensive experience in the  area of Identity & Access Management. Let us help you navigating through today’s digital landscape.

PIMS – a secure Smart City IoT solution in a connected world

The introduction of smart technologies into legacy infrastructures results in numerous opportunities and challenges for contemporary cities.

Navit offers PIMS, a Public Infrastructure Management System that provides central management of connected IoT devices in the urban infrastructure for multiple domains like public lighting, traffic management, waste management, etc.

Identity & Access Management

Nowadays IAM is a highly complex affair. Threats are more sophisticated than ever and the solutions required to mitigate them are overwhelmingly vast in scope and number. Developing and executing an effective IAM strategy involves much more than only choosing technology – also the right mix of people, processes, services and policies must be included for a holistic approach.

Navit offers IAM consultancy services tailored to suit your business requirement implementation scenario and expertise level.