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Gerrit van der Geest presented concepts from Navit's IAM Services model during the Catalyst Conference of the Burton Group in Prague. Title of this presentation was “The symbiosis between SOA and IAM Services”. The feedback from Burton representatives and major IAM suppliers was extremely positive:

A White Paper regarding Identity Trust Management was published in the Microsoft Architecture Journal issue no. 16 on the topic of Identity Architectures:

This paper describes the IAM reference architecture for the management of Identity Trust in the context of IAM.

Managing Identity Trust will enable organizations to strike the balance between availability and protection. By managing Identity Trust effectively, an organization can tune the level of appropriate access control to the level of value or risk that is associated with the business transactions.

The white paper describes how to create, maintain and communicate various levels of trust and provides for mechanisms to capture and transport Identity Trust throughout the service layers within an IT infrastructure.

Another White Paper was developed previously on request of Andreas Luther, Microsoft product manager MIIS, Redmond USA:
“Architecture patterns for enterprise identity management with Microsoft Identity Integration Server”.

Gerrit van der Geest performed several times as speaker at the IT Web conferences on Enterprise Architecture in Johannesburg. Titles of the presentations: "Defining the value of Enterprise Architecture" and "A pragmatic approach to Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity".