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Architecture Development Kit

Navit's IAM Architecture Development Kit (ADK) consists of an extensive range of standardized building blocks for the development of IAM Architectures. By making use of these product independent elements, the development time needed for the architecture is significantly reduced and the customer can rely upon components that are proven in practice.

  • IAM Services model. Navit strongly promotes a services approach in order to develop agile and future proof IAM architectures. The IAM Services provide the main services for Access Control being identification, authentication, authorization and auditing.

    The approach is aligned with industry standards like SAML, OpenID Connect, XACML, SCIM and WS* standards and adheres to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles and best practices.

    Our model provides a foundation for sharing IAM Services across (federated) organization(s).

  • IAM Architecture principles, guidelines and standards. We have an extensive set of IAM principles, guidelines and standards at our disposal which can be used during the development of the conceptual architecture. The availability of these components allows us to shorten the development timeframe of the architectures.

  • IAM Architecture Patterns. These logical patterns are based upon the IAM Services model and provide alternatives for an efficient implementation of the various IAM solution components within an organization.

  • IAM Concepts and Definitions. During an IAM Architecture assignment, it is of great importance that there is a common understanding of the IAM terminology amongst all stakeholders. Our IAM Concepts and Definitions description contains a thorough definition of the IAM terminology.

  • Standardized models, processes and approaches. We can rely on an extensive set of standardized models and approaches for e.g.:

    • Role modelling and application modelling

    • IAM processes and use cases

    • IAM administration consisting of an administrative model, governance structure, definition of roles and responsibilities and a blueprint for an IAM administrative organization.

Furthermore the ADK consists of a framework to develop an IAM business case, an extensive definition of generic IAM requirements, templates for IAM deliverables, presentation material and an IAM knowledge base.

Navit has successfully applied the ADK during many customer assignments and the ADK has been sold under license to a major IT service provider in Africa.