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Navit (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company established in 2002 but which has its origin from the Netherlands since 1995. We specialise in the field of Enterprise IT Architecture and Program Management and we act as navigator for our clients on their journey towards an integrated, well governed IT environment, based on a holistic architecture framework.

Our people provide a solid foundation of many years of IT experience. Navit developed a unique strategy and approach for architecture consultancy and program management services in the area of Identity and Access Management, Enterprise IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Application Integration.

Burton Catalyst

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Anne Thomas Manes (Burton Group):
"I just saw a tremendous presentation by Gerrit J. van der Geest on the identity services Navit has developed for their clients."


Navit is led by core values, which underpin our client engagements:

  • Excellence - exceed expectations and deliver quality service in everything we do

  • Trust - creating mutual trust by building relationships

  • Integrity - matching words with deeds and telling clients like it is

  • Teamwork - combining own, client and partner capabilities for the best results

  • Global perspective - our practices, networks and experience reflect a global orientation

  • Results delivery - focus on achieving tangible results in an agreed upon timeframe


We differentiate ourselves through:

  • Our vision and style - Architecture is inextricably bound up with vision. Navit has a vision which is based on our extensive knowledge, experience and creativity, combined with a style characterised by simplicity and transparency.

  • We offer a combination of architecture and program management skills - our service extends from strategy to implementation. We emphasise on communication and embedding of the architecture within our client's organisation.

  • Multiple dimensional approach - Conceptual thinking combined with thorough technical knowledge. We have the capability to cover a broad spectrum from high level enterprise architecture to specific solution design and can work top-down but also work upwards from a specific problem area into the bigger framework.

  • Expertise and experience - we can rely on a broad array of knowledge and skills and many years of proven experience in various industries and challenging environments.

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